EIR is a digital asset management (DAM) software company. We offer solution and consulting for digital asset management for enterprise and small business levels. Through the Elbrus DAM solution, users can now easily organize and manage access to their digital IR assets from simple images and messages to the entire investor presentations and reports directly from their smart devices. This removes the need to comply with IR department every time anyone in the company needs to communicate with the public. The DAM solution isĀ  a cloud-based with easy access to view and reuse the digital assets of PDF, Word, PowerPoint, XLS, HTML5 and any other document and video formats.

The Elbrus IR DAM solution also provides users with the added functionality, including customized metadata mapping and integration with external info sources.


DAM allows consolidation and cost-cutting of resources for a small company or on the enterprise scale. Eliminates silos, inconsistencies and duplicate efforts. Firms gain an edge if data moves easily from IR to marketers to reuse in social media, networking and sales pitches by everyone in the firm. This approach requires precise DAM solution that is driven by accurate design and architecture.


Elbrus DAM Solutions creates new scenario for the data to flow across your firm, so you can improve consistency across the office. Streaming reliable data across the enterprise frees everyone to do what they do best – to communicate with clients and investors. Working from a consistent access to reliable data, teams can avoid time-consuming duplicate work. You can achieve greater transparency in your IR efforts more easily and prepare to deal with the next regulatory requirement more efficiently. Plus, when information flow is fully optimized, your firm can plan for the future in a more coherent and strategic way.