Elbrus IR is a provider of tailored investor relation solutions for both public and crowd-sourced private companies. We employ our IR technology solutions with the goal to achieve fair market price and expectations for our corporate clients by increasing media visibility and transparency via successful and on-going investor outreach campaign.

Elbrus IR helps plan and execute the investor outreach campaign on all steps from market analysis to an on-going two-way communication with the investors and shareholders.

Investor Outreach Campaign

The successful targeted investors/ shareholder outreach campaign means that you know how, when and where to tell your story establishing the most accurate market expectations that lead to the fair market share price and trust. We offer six step outreach campaign for companies, including:

  1. Market analysis
  2. Company profiling and exposure
  3. Factual interactive data and filings
  4. Industry and corporate news delivery
  5. Social-media outreach
  6. Disclosure compliance

Industry and Market analysis

Industry Analysis: To understand your industry niche we employ software that maps industry trends, main drivers and influencers. Elbrus IR develops industry (sector) to assist clients in monitoring the performance of their industry and selecting relevant information for IR campaign. These efforts are supported by Big data analysis of the opinions of analysts,  the financial & social media, as well as by our proprietary technology, including:

  • The industry and sector analysis
  • Industry, sector and peers performance analysis
  • Identification of industry drivers and trends
  • Industry news analysis

Product market analysis: To understand your product market demand perspective, we employ our own proprietary analytic software. Knowing what are the industry dynamics, helps not just update a company profiles for the best of our clients but also helps them to plan the product production cycle better.

Company profiling and exposure

IR Communication of your brand values in today’s environment is important. We craft engaging multi-platform coverage for our clients via our own media resources, corporate databases and via the target list of the industry experts that follow your market sector.

Factual corporate data and filings

Communication of your brand in digital structured format is equally important. Factual or structured corporate data is increasingly wide-spread format that is used by analysts, marketplace and governments wordwide. The structured data corporate profile is machine-interpretable and is used everywhere from interactive data systems to algorithmic trading for public companies.

Elbrus IR helps prepare and manage your data in HTML5 or XML formats for electronic disclosure and offers streaming-data solutions to make sure that your data is accessible, open and in compliance with your corporate strategy, disclosure rules and open web architecture rules. We publish your factual profile via our own and third party market analytic systems and a variety of APIs and you can use the factual data for Filings with the regulatory agencies.  


We offer proactive placement of key news items related to your industry and to your company. How? We distribute company profiles together with the industry write-ups distribution via our own news channel so that your investors are informed on how the particular news will affect your company status or is related to your company developments.

We also offer the Financial Press communication including press-release writing and distribution. Our “Financial Press” services include drafting of the press releases on the material events related to your industry, press release optimization for search and distribution via the proprietary lists of analysts, brokers, investors and money managers.